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Combination brows

Project type

Combination brows


Sussex & Surrey

The Combination Brow is a fusion of defined Ombré shading and delicate hairstrokes. It begins with meticulously crafted hairstrokes at the brow's front, gracefully transitioning into a shaded Ombré style through the arch and extends to the tail. This particular style is an ideal choice for those who desire the density and fullness of an Ombré brow with a softer, more natural look at the front of their eyebrows.

This advanced technique yields results that appear entirely natural and can last for up to three years, with the proper aftercare. During the initial two weeks of healing, you can expect a subtle 20% softening of the colour. Following this healing phase, a free touch-up session is recommended approximately 6-8 weeks later then a yearly top-up to ensure your brows remain in perfect condition.

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