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Similar to traditional tattoos, my cosmetic tattooing method adds pigment with precision, creating a lasting effect that subtly fades over 2-5 years.

My services include ombré brows, combination brows, lip blush, lip liner and faux freckles. For consistently stunning results, book your annual colour boost to maintain the perfect shape and hue.

I have appointments available at my locations in Balcombe and Lingfield, please take a look at the contact page for more details.

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Ombré Brow

Ombre Brow.jpeg

Ombré brows replicate the appearance of an eyebrow tint stain, making it the most defined of the brow styles I offer. This technique enhances the eyebrows by concentrating a denser colour application at the tail and arch, gradually softening towards the front to achieve an elegantly faded look.

The meticulous process of creating Ombre brows involves the skilful application of soft pixels or dots using a fine needle. These delicate details contribute to a natural and refined outcome. 

As the technique heals, the results last for up to three years provided proper aftercare is carried out. During the initial healing period, the colour undergoes a subtle softening of around 30% in the first two weeks. To ensure perfection, a touch-up session is recommended approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. 

Ombre brows are a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing choice for those seeking a well-defined yet gracefully softened eyebrow appearance.

Combination Brow


The Combination Brow is a fusion of defined Ombré shading and delicate hairstrokes. It begins with meticulously crafted hair strokes at the brow's front, gracefully transitioning into a shaded Ombré style through the arch and extending to the tail. This particular style is an ideal choice for those who desire the density and fullness of an Ombré brow with a softer, more natural look at the front of their eyebrows.

This advanced technique yields results that appear entirely natural and can last for up to three years, with the proper aftercare. During the initial two weeks of healing, you can expect a subtle 20% softening of the colour. Following this healing phase, a free touch-up session is recommended approximately 6-8 weeks later then a yearly top-up to ensure your brows remain in perfect condition.

Lip Blush


Lip Blush and Neutralization are cosmetic tattoo procedures designed to address lip asymmetry and enhance definition. These treatments involve enhancing the natural lip colour, and the outcomes are tailored to each individual client.

Lip Blush is an excellent choice for individuals with naturally pale or undefined lips, as it helps add colour and definition to the lip border. Lip Neutralization is suitable for clients with melanin-rich lips, aiming to neutralize cool tones and achieve a warmer, lighter appearance.

My technique yields naturally healing results that typically last for approximately two years, provided that proper aftercare is diligently followed.

Lip Liner

Lip Liner

Semi-permanent lip Liner is a subtle yet transformative treatment that outlines your lips, providing definition, refining asymmetry, and creating the illusion of added volume. Perfect for those who appreciate precision in their lip makeup, imagine the time saved by waking up with impeccably outlined lips every morning. My lip liner tattoo can stand alone for a subtle enhancement or be seamlessly combined with other lip tattoo styles, allowing you to personalize and elevate your overall lip aesthetic. Experience the convenience and lasting beauty of defined lips – explore our Lip Liner service today.

Faux Freckles

Faux Freckles_edited.jpg

Faux freckles are the perfect way to achieve a natural sun-kissed look all year round. During the initial appointment, I meticulously map out the freckles with our agreed style and coverage, then I implant the first layer of freckles. We will then schedule our second appointment 4-6 weeks later, where we enhance depth and dimension, perfecting the existing freckle layer. Using a precision tattoo machine, pigment is delicately placed under the skin, offering a semi-permanent solution that lasts between 2-5 years. The longevity depends on factors such as sun exposure and skincare. It is ideal for individuals with pre-existing freckles seeking to amplify their natural appearance or those desiring freckles for the first time. 

Heart Freckles

Heart Freckles.HEIC

Whether booked alongside another treatment or chosen as a standalone statement, these adorable heart freckles offer a unique touch to your look. The placement ideas are endless, personally I love the collar bone, wrist, upper cheek next to the eye and fingers.

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